Our process is different, we strive to extract as much organic material from your mattress as possible -- and the results are fantastic!

  • To begin, we first spray your mattress with an green cleaning solution, and mechanically agitate the mattress to ensure any foreign matter is separated from the fibers.

  • Secondly, we treat any remaining stains, to make your mattress look brand new again.

  • Next, we will also steam clean your mattress, just to make sure any remaining dander is loosened.

  • And lastly, we rinse your mattress to extract allergens and make your mattress as soft as the day it was purchased.



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Got bed bugs? Wait! Don't trash your mattress!

The bed bugs will return to the brand new mattress. Let our trained technicians save you money with a professional mattress cleaning. We use a hot water extraction to loosen and clean the dirt from your mattress without damaging or leaving behind harsh chemical residues.As you may have heard, we spend about 1/3rd of our lives on our mattress. Therefore, a good portion of our dead skin cells collect there, feeding an influx of pesky dust mites. So if you suffer from asthma, eczema, sore eyes, sinus pain, sneezing, or hay fever, you might require a thorough mattress cleaning to rejuvenate your mattress. The amount of harmful organic material that we clean off of the typical mattress is shocking, and our customers and employees alike have noticed considerable alleviation of allergies once a mattress has been properly cleaned.

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I hired LifeStyle to clean my couch and 2 kitchen chairs that had stains on them from the thrift shop. The technician was really cool and was able to remove the stains. I'm very happy! ...a friend actually referee me and it was worth it.

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Mattress Cleaning in Los Angeles - Unbeatable Prices!

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Mattress Cleaning Prices in Los Angeles

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​Cleaning a mattress is not a difficult job, but when done improperly, makes a BIG difference!​​​​

These guys are great!! I had set up service with another cleaner and they never showed! I called Lifestyle and they came over in less than an hour and did a great job cleaning my mattress (dog
pee, yuck). He was fast and friendly and made sure I got the best deal. Even cleaned the rest of the mattress, not just the peed on part.

Highly recommend!

Roni C.        Los Angeles, CA

I call this company they arrived on  time that  the technician  made a wonderful job clean the whole entire House carpet including the sofa and  love seat I hade  bed experience with  different companies. This is the second time I using this company and I can tell that I'm very happy with the service

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I've been going to this cleaners since 2008 and the service they provide is beyond excellent, the service and quality of work I get here I've never seen elsewhere I highly recommend this place

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Excellent! Excellent job on my carpet! Very nice people and very professional! I would recommend their services to everyone that I know!

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