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Mold can be potentially dangerous.
LifeStyle Cleaning offers residential and commercial mold removal services where no job is either too big or too small. If you have found mold in your attic, basement, bathroom, or even crawl space - our team of certified specialists can help! Mold spreads quickly and without immediate professional mold removal, the damage will grow and could cause structural damage to your property or health issues to people exposed to the environment. Call us for immediate mold remediation and restoration in the Los Angeles area.

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We offer Emergency Water Damage Services 24 hours a day 365 days a year. By reporting a loss you can expect a call within minutes and a crew at your door in less than 2 hours. Our immediate response teams of experienced technicians use the newest cutting edge equipment. We offer water damage restoration, certified mold remediation and flood disaster recovery experience. We work with homeowners, management companies, businesses and insurance companies. Whether you have wet carpet from a broken pipe or a backed-up toilet. You can count on LifeStyle Cleaning and Restoration to clean up and get you back to normal. Get around the clock 24-hour response, proven techniques, and Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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While mold can potentially be dangerous, it is also important to know that there are “normal” levels of mold in every indoor environment. We also want you to know that certain kinds of mold are NOT toxic and can be treated by yourself without an expensive remediation cost. In order to find out exactly what is going on at the property in question, we perform Mold Testing. This is done by comparing an outside sample from your area to an inside sample for comparison to see if levels are normal or elevated. Our inspector may suggest additional testing to get a clearer picture of a situation. This may include additional air samples from seperate rooms or inside walls, or surface samples when visible mold is present.

The overall goal of a the Mold Inspection is to confirm or deny the presence of a mold problem, locate the source, find out how bad it is, and how far it has spread. The mold tests our inspector conducts have the experience to make sure all of the above are accomplished. While every situation is unique, everyone we employ has seen countless problems very similar to yours. You can be sure that by the time our report is finished you will have a much better understanding of what is going on and exactly what does or does not need to happen.

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Elevated mold for an indoor environment is not something that should be taken lightly. Recent studies show that breathing in the spores that are released into the air by this fungus on a regular basis can have serious consequenses; this is especially true for the very young and elderly, as well as people with pre-existing conditions. You can trust that the results you get from us are in fact the truth.

If you are noticing strange conditions in the indoor environment of your home of business in the great state of California, you may have a problem with mold. Unless you have dealt with problems like this in the past, chances are that you are not sure what a mold inspection in Los Angeles is or what to do next. Thats where we come in! The experts at LifeStyle Cleaning & Restoration are in business to help home and busines owners just like yourself who are concerned that mold may be negatively impacting their indoor air quality.

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