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We use environmentally and health friendly products only that are Green Cleaning Certified with no powerful chemicals or substances that damage the color and quality of the fabric or wool. The equipment and machines used are among the best in the market today from the leading manufacturers. We adapt the hardness of the brushes used on the rugs to the age of the rug and the condition of the wool. Old rugs are manually cleaned from start to finish.

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area rug cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA

I hired LifeStyle to clean my couch and 2 kitchen chairs that had stains on them from the thrift shop. The technician was really cool and was able to remove the stains. I'm very happy! ...a friend actually referee me and it was worth it.

area rug cleaning in Los Angeles, CA

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affordable area rug cleaning services
area rug cleaning in Los Angeles, CA
area rug cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA

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​​Area ​​Rug Steam Cleaning Services

Excellent! Excellent job on my carpet! Very nice people and very professional! I would recommend their services to everyone that I know!

Area Rug Cleaning Services Located in Los Angeles, CA

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area rug cleaning services in Los Angeles

I've been going to this cleaners since 2008 and the service they provide is beyond excellent, the service and quality of work I get here I've never seen elsewhere I highly recommend this place

best carpet cleaning reviews

These guys are great!! I had set up service with another cleaner and they never showed! I called Lifestyle and they came over in less than an hour and did a great job cleaning my mattress (dog
pee, yuck). He was fast and friendly and made sure I got the best deal. Even cleaned the rest of the mattress, not just the peed on part.
Highly recommend!


  • 15 years of experience in the industry

Rug Cleaning Procedures

  • Inspection  We thoroughly examine your rugs, noting condition, rug type, and any pre-existing damage.  We can come to your home or you can bring it to our shop.
  • Vacuum  An industrial vacuum with a metal “beater bar” is used to extract as much dry soil from the rug as possible. This process is repeated several times until the all that can be removed is gone.
  • Pre-treat  Next your rug will be treated with a fiber specific detergent designed to loosen the soils, paying special attention to trouble spots.
  • Shampoo  The rug is then shampooed with a detergent and an agitator brush to loosen the remaining soils.
  • Extract & Rinse:  The next step is to rinse your rug with our high powered extraction equipment, which removes the remaining detergents and soils.
  • Dried  The rug is then groomed with brushes and hung to dry in our shop, using carpet drying fans to ensure fast drying and prevent discoloration and shrinkage.
  • Post Cleaning Inspection  Last step in the process, the rug is inspected by our staff to make sure it’s as clean as possible. 
  • Wrapped  The rug is then wrapped in plastic and ready to go home! 

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Area Rug Cleaning Prices

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best carpet cleaning reviews
Best Area Rug Cleaning Company
best carpet cleaning reviews
area rug cleaning in Los Angeles, CA
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Area Rug Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA

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We provide Area Rug Cleaning Services in  Los Angeles, CA, Vinyl Floor Stripping and Waxing, Tile and Grout Cleaning Services and Upholstery Cleaning in LA, Ventura and Orange County, CA. 


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I call this company they arrived on  time that  the technician  made a wonderful job clean the whole entire House carpet including the sofa and  love seat I hade  bed experience with  different companies. This is the second time I using this company and I can tell that I'm very happy with the service

best carpet cleaning reviews
best carpet cleaning reviews

Roni C.        Los Angeles, CA

Your dirty rugs can be trusted in the hands of professionals at LifeStyle Cleaning Service.

Unlike carpets, which are usually designed to hold up to years of foot traffic and repeated cleanings, area rugs can be delicate and sometimes need alternative cleaning methods to prevent them from being damaged. At LifeStyle Cleaning Co, we’ve cleaned thousands of area rugs and know which types respond well to normal hot water extraction steam cleaning and which need to be handled more gently to get the best results. 

In addition to cleaning your area rugs at your home, we also offer pickup and delivery cleaning services. We can schedule a convenient time to come by and pick up your area rug, clean it and dry it at one of our offices, and then return it to you at the time of your choosing. This lets you go about your day without having to supervise a cleaning crew or wait for your rug to dry.

area rug cleaning in los angeles ca


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If you're not entirely satisfied with your referred cleaning technician, we will send out another technician or give you your money back. Terms and conditions apply.